All continuing education must be directly related to your scope of practice as defined by the Board's Practice Act. Even though CDR may have approved your course, it may not be approved by the Wyoming Board if the content is not relative to your scope of practice. Please be reminded the Board's Practice Act reads:

Wyoming Statute § 33-47-102(a)(iii):

"Dietetics" means the integration and application of principles derived from the sciences of food, nutrition, management, communication, and biological, physiological, behavioral, and social sciences to achieve and maintain optimal human health. "Dietetics" includes the nutrition care process and medical nutrition therapy. "Dietetics" does not include medical differential diagnosis of the health status of an individual;

Additionally, Wyoming Statute § 33-47-102(a)(v):

"Medical nutrition therapy" means the use of specific nutrition services for the purpose of disease management to treat or rehabilitate an illness, injury or condition and includes:

(A) Interpreting dietary data and recommending nutrient needs relative to medically prescribed diets, including but not limited to tube feedings, specialized intravenous solutions and specialized oral feedings;

(B) Food and prescription drug interactions; and

(C) Developing and managing food service operations whose chief function is nutrition care and provision of medically prescribed diets.

Board staff will review your submitted continuing education. If Board staff is unable to ascertain from the course title that it is relative to your scope of practice, staff will request additional information from you. If the additional information still does not demonstrate relevance to the scope of practice, staff will forward your continuing education to an Application Review Committee (ARC) of the Board for consideration. If the ARC cannot ascertain from the course title or your additional information that it is relative to your scope of practice, the ARC will request your justification of the continuing education course content and how it related to your scope of practice. Every effort is made to allow you to demonstrate that your courses meet the criteria established by the Board's Practice Act and Rules. However, the responsibility to meet the criteria is on you, the licensee.

It is important that you do not contact the Board members relative to your application or renewal. This is for a variety of reasons:
  1. Staff can only comply with the Wyoming Public Records Act if all correspondence goes through the Board office.
  2. No individual Board member may speak on behalf of the Board outside of a properly noticed public meeting per the Wyoming Meetings Act.
  3. If your application is denied, there must be an unbiased quorum of board members to hear the matter.

The Wyoming Dietetics Licensing Board is staffed through the Professional Licensing Boards Office, a division of A&I.